A few hotspots I have put together lately.

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Re: A few hotspots I have put together lately.

Post by K2FTP » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:33 am

WA6HXG wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 9:04 pm
Here are pics of two new hotspots I’ve put together recently.
The first is a Duplex MMDVM (Dual Tumeslot) board sitting on top of a Raspberry Pi 3. It has a Nextion 3.2” screen with graphics I have edited and is in a case by C4Labs for MMDVM. I use it primarily for DMR so two radios may be used simultaneously.


The second is a Zumspot sitting on a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a Chinese aluminum case. Added is a Nextion 2.4” Screen with customized graphics. It is used for P25 primarily but YSF is also on for an occasional QSO.


I am using short Diamond SRH805S antennas mostly for portability since the hotspots are usually very close by. I will use Smiley telescopic 5/8 UHF antennas and on occasion counterpoise wires when I know I will be getting farther out from my hotspots as they provide incredible range even with such low power. Both hotspots are used base and mobile and the P25 spot is great for portable use as it fits in a pocket with a small usb backup battery. My next project is adding Bluetooth serial boards(4) to the screens and spots to take the screens wireless from the boards. They both work well through one of my cell phones hotspot features. Radios I am using include TYT-390s GPS VHF and UHF, TYT-MD2017, Motorola XTS5000, Motorola XPR-6550 and Yaesu FT1DR.

I am often on 91 and 310 on BrandMeister, and P25 talkgroup 10200...QSOs Welcome!


I'm beating my head against a wall here trying to get a Bluetooth connected Nextion working. By chance have you made any progress on this and might be able to provide some pointers?


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