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Announcing Kings of Digital Notify

Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 8:25 pm
by K6KD
(Mods - Andrew approved posting this.)

Announcing Kings of Digital Notify for users of the Constellation reflectors. The primary purpose is to enable users to notify each other of either planned or ad hoc discussions on the Constellation. Notify is a group within, which also provides a calendar with events and reminders, as well as topics and chats for discussion.

The Constellation reflectors are D-STAR: XRF002, XRF310, XRF555, (all modules A-Z) and XLX313 (modules A-F). DMR: Use XLX313 as the master and select talk group 4001-4006. XLX212 is DMR only with 26 talk groups 4001-4026.

Currently on the Constellation there are either well-established nets, listed at, or unplanned QSOs. Notify provides a middle ground so that discussion outside of nets does not result solely from the coincidence of interested hams that happen to be on the air at a particular time.

Although discussions are possible via topics or chats, this facility is not intended to compete with or replace the excellent on-line sites of the individual nets.

The concepts and set up instructions are in the set up document that can be downloaded from: ... sp=sharing

There is one note of caution for new users. The defaults when setting up a new account or subscribing to a new group result in a message sent in response to most actions that take place in the Group. That could lead to a much greater number of messages than you would find acceptable. Read through the entire pdf first so you will be familiar with the ways to limit the messages. If necessary, you can always go to Subscriptions and select No email to turn everything off while you decide on which options are best for you.

Here is a link to the group: The same set up guide mentioned above is also in the Files area of this Group, available after you subscribe to the group.

For help and discussion prior to subscribing you can post in this thread. After subscribing, you can create or reply to a topic in the group. If creating a topic, use the #HOWTO hashtag in the topic title. That can include a request to create a new hashtag if you are part of a group that would like to exchange messages that might not be of general interest using the existing hashtags.