Hello from Newport, Oregon

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Hello from Newport, Oregon

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Hi All,
I'm new to DMR and pi-star and trying to learn as much as I can quickly so I'll be able to enjoy this mode of communication.

I've been a ham for about 50 years and in the past my primary operation mode was CW and contesting. I moved recently to Newport Oregon and haven't had time to put up any antennas - I'll be limited to dipoles and small verticals once I get it all figured out were and how on the property.

In the mean time, I decided to learn and use DMR. At first I didn't think it would be to difficult, but I found it's harder than learning CW HI HI.

I have a pi-star MMDVM and have it up and running. The area network is PNW, which has limited TG's and I've also played a bit on Brandmeister.

I've read a little bit about having two DMR masters running at the same time which is something I'm very interested it. I'm still researching.

I retired in 2009 after many years in the computer industry related to main frame (Burroughs, UNIVAC, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell, General Electric etc.) as a field engineer.

Now I just do "Honey Do's! :D :D

Ron, K7PA
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Re: Hello from Newport, Oregon

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Welcome, Ron. Hope you have fun with DMR. It almost begins to make sense after awhile, speaking as a non-engineer. You’ll grab on to it quickly. It’s a kick, sitting an an easy chair with a dinky HT that could barely make it to a repeater (if there was a live one nearby) and talking around the world. I’ve taken mine camping using my smartphone as the web link, which means no hunting for local repeaters, and then finding them silent as too many of them are.
Lee, WU0V
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