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New to PiStar - Need help with a dual module repeater system

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 12:19 pm
by VA3UV
Hi All:

I am attempting to switch all of my repeaters and hotspots over to the Pi-Star image. All of my repeaters use the older DVRPTR modems (v1).

In one particular case, I have one site with two repeaters (VHF / UHF). I would like to use Pi-Star to run both repeaters (so two instances of dstarrepeaterd) interfaced with two DVRPTR modems. I have manually edited the ircddbgateway config file to get it to support two repeaters. My dashboard now shows Modules B and C.

The issue is that I cannot get two instances of dstarrepeaterd to work. My second instance (even when I specify the location of the 2nd config file and log file, etc...) seems to either default to a config for GB3IN - OR - I get a message in the first log file, that says another instance of dstarrepeaterd is already running.

Has anyone successfully managed to run two instances of dstarrepeaterd on the same Pi?