G0KDT Signing In

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G0KDT Signing In

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Name here is Phil.

After a 30+ Yr hiatus from Amateur Radio, due to employment and no time, I returned last year and having picked up on a number of new aspects of amateur radio I am looking at learning the digital side. I am hoping to get to grips with the various digital modes, Yaesu (Wires-x), D-Star and DMR. RIghtly or wrongly a fellow amateur and I have a couple of UHF MMDVM kits on their way (minus Pi Zero). We hope we made the right choice as there seem to be many boards out there and many with the OLED look the same but apart from this forum on pi-Star I haven't found a real source that sets out the basics.

I know that the digital formats all use slightly different algorithms so to connect from Wires-x to DMR or D-Star or vice versa we need to use a 'Bridge' that translates from one format to another and then passes things along. I'm note sure but seem to recall reading that you can't bridge from D-star to Wires-x or vice versa. I hope that is not the case. Any pointers to making these things work will be gratefully received as I have to get the two hotspots up and running one for a friend on Yaesu and One from me on Icom D-Star to begin with.

I hope to get things working and get to meet some of you out there in digital land. Lets be honest C. 400 pages of Icom manual (SDR), I haven't read the Yaesu manual yet and then I have to get through assembling, and configuring the hotspots if they're right.... it could be a bit of time. SO you may find me here more often roaming in a lost, dazed and confused state.

73 De Phil
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Re: G0KDT Signing In

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Cross moding between YSF DMR & NXDN is possible within the devices themselves. Dstar unfortunately isn't capable of cross moding as it uses an earlier vers. of the DVSI vocoder chip used in these radios.

Some of the XLX reflectors support connections between DMR DSTAR & YSF. If you want to talk with ur ham friend between modes/ differing radios that'll prob. be ur best choice given you have DSTAR and YSF radios.

There are worldwide group's that also support multimode, usually hosted on one medium/network/system with 'bridges' to allow x_linking from other modes/networks. America Link and CQuk are a couple that come to mind having entry points on wires x, YSF DMR DSTAR and a few other modes as well, but these tend to be busier seeing hundreds of connections a day.

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