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Just starting to get into hotspot and digital modes. I have a Yaesu FT-70D and a Anytone 878. So not a stranger to the digital world of radio. Also been licenced since 2005.

So bought a duplex Hotspot off of Ebay and in the process of setup.

I am wondering if there is a case for not only the Pi but also the duplex board. Is someone 3D printing them or is it left barebones and as is? Hopefully someone in the UK is selling them as it is getting expensive to buy in from abroad or out of the EU so far.

Hope to hear you in a room sometime.

73 for now.
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Re: Howdo

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I'm using this case ( ... del-b-case , the right transparent one) for my hotspot consisting of a Raspberry Pi 2B and an DF2ET MMDVM duplex board.

Both can be put together and will fit into the TEK Berry case. You only have to drill two holes into the upper half of the case to let the SMA antennas connect to the SMA jacks on the duplex board.
73s de Thomas, DG0OFZ
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