A Newbie seeking advice

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Re: A Newbie seeking advice

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kd2lh wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 11:18 pm I've found that the "JumboSpot" platform (a MMDVM Pi Hat connected by header to a Raspberry Pi Zero W) works well, proves reliable if built with quality components, and is easy to work with.
Jumbospots are clones of a design by DB9MAT & DF2ET (MMDVM_HS_Hat).

Clones and "quality components" are completely polar opposites. There is a reason why they are so cheap.

Theres also a number of posts on this forum where people with jumbospot boards are having difficulty updating the firmware to the latest version. Some jumbospots have the STM32's locked for some odd reason, some are missing traces for the automatic GPIO triggering on pins 38 and 40. Also they lack pads to manually jumper the STM32 to force it into bootloader mode for flashing.

Overall the jumbospot is an old design circa 2017, there are much better and newer designs available.
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Re: A Newbie seeking advice

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Looking forward to getting started. Many thanks for all your help.
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