MMDVM boards (BI7JTA&VR2VYE), raspberry PI case

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MMDVM boards (BI7JTA&VR2VYE), raspberry PI case

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Hi All

I have one of the Winters CN MMDVM boards (BI7JTA&VR2VYE) and would like to find a suitable raspberry pi case for both. This is going into a MMDVM repeater. Wonder what is available, ideally I would like to gain excess to the POTS and ideally see the status LED's.

Your feedback would be much apricated.


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Re: MMDVM boards (BI7JTA&VR2VYE), raspberry PI case

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g7kbr wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 6:14 am Wonder what is available
I doubt anyone has taken the time to design one, that board isn't a very common one compared to the usual ones you see on fleebay etc.
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