Pi 7 inch touch screen use

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Pi 7 inch touch screen use

Post by WM3M » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:30 pm

I have here a Raspberry Pi 3 with the raspberry Pi 7 inch Touchscreen. Is it possible to use this screen instead of the OLED for Pi Star?
If so what software do I use and is the current way it connects to the Pi 3 ok? It now boots up into the pi-star log in, I can log in but thats it?
Thank you 73
Emory WM3M

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Re: Pi 7 inch touch screen use

Post by M1DNS » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:34 pm

No the data feed from MMDVM host is in the form of serial data. A regular pi screen can't resolve that stream. You'll need a nextion screen.

Also the std. pistar install itself has no GUI installed, the screen will show the CLI, but very little else. The user interface with pistar is via the served webpages it produces.

It is possible to install the pixel GUI onto one of the more advanced pi boards, so it can resolve the served webpages locally on the pi itself, but it isn't something for the faint of heart and needs an advanced board pi 3b 3b+ etc. because of the additional processor demands put on the pi.

Andrew M1DNS, (Mod)

Andrew M1DNS.
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