Porting nanopi to 4.xx release

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Re: Porting nanopi to 4.xx release

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K1IMD wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:30 pm Hi Andy,
I have both ports of Pi-Star running now on non-RPi SBC. When looking at the beta repo I noticed you have a script to update the kernel. Is that a requirement? My non-Raspberry Pis are running 5.10.4-sunxi/sun8i based Pi Clone & 5.10.12-sunxi/sun8i based Pi Clone kernels. What do you suggest?

Again thank you so much for the port to the non-RPi SBC.

Is it a requirement?, no, but its an option (it wasn't on the old 3.4.x ports).
So now you can run the Non RPi build AND be able to upgrade your kernel :)

Short version is - its in the beta repo because I need more people than me to test it - the same script should work on all the Non RPi builds, so download it, give it a shot (ideally in a non-production environment where you can put your hands on the Pi just in case) and see how it goes.
The idea is that this will eventually end up on the end of the update script for the ported versions.

As always - I welcome the feedback.

73 de MW0MWZ
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