Unable to Connect to Hosts after updates and reboot

Help with the Orange Pi Zero
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Unable to Connect to Hosts after updates and reboot

Post by K1IMD » Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:17 pm

I have several instances of Pi-Star and non-Pi-Star mmdvdm repeaters running so I am pretty familiar with setting up these units.

I recently setup a OrangePi Zero on a custom interface board for a Motorola MTR2000. I am only running DMR no other mode is enabled on an all wired LAN.

When I configure Pi-Star prior to running updates it appears to work fine. Even after updating prior to a reboot it seems to work OK. However, at some point in the process it will no longer connect to my own host (hblink3) or any other host (DMR+Brandmeister), I also notice that the CPU usage/load increases quite a bit and heat. The network interface works OK because I can access it via the web interface with out issue.

I built and tried both the standard Jan 9 and beta Jan 11 images and both result in the same failure.

The three indicators that are "red" are mmdvmHost, DMR & DMR Net that should be "green".

Based on the reboot I am guessing a kernel problem? I just discovered this last night an midnight so I have not had a chance to do much investigating yet.

Any pointers?


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