My pi zero won't work right

Help with the Orange Pi Zero
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My pi zero won't work right

Post by VE3ISS »

I just instal a new MMDVM and OLED.
On my original pi-zero.
I downloaded a new image as the original card some how end up missing?
But before I downloaded the new image I try to use another card from my pi-3B
But for some reason now I have a issue after Programing the card and try to connect
I can see my self on the dash board and the hotspot window but no one hear me or I can't see or hear anyone? I did a test whit another member and see if he can see me or hear me but no matter what it just doesn't work?
I check all my settings I can't see to find any issues.
I try to find any information on the net about no dice.
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Re: My pi zero won't work right

Post by KE7FNS »

First, looks like the wrong area for the forum. This area is for "orange Pi Zero" hardware, you state you have a RPi Zero

Second, not enough info. Look at the logs and see what they report.

Third, sounds like you are not connected to a network/master. Set and double check your BM hotspot security (if you are connecting to a BM network)

A Rpi Zero does not contain wifi, are you using a wired adapter? or did you make a mistake an mean you have a "RPi Zero W"?

And lastly, is this the only active hotspot on your network? If no, then make sure each one has its own ESSID in the DMR configuration.
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