ON7LDS driver disappears after reboot

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Re: ON7LDS driver disappears after reboot

Post by KE7FNS » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:58 pm

Great, I'm glad to hear the Nextion Driver is now loading and staying loaded now, thats the way it is supposed to be. It helps when the dummy writing the instructions puts things in the correct order XD

Now you should be able to make a backup, and when you reflash the SD card, install the nextion driver (without setting the modem up) and then restoring your good settings and it'll work perfectly everytime :D

Lets see if MMDVMHost and the Nextion driver are spewing things to the serial port.

Go to the Expert configuration and under the [NextionDriver] section
set the LogLevel=6
apply changes.

reboot just to clean up the logs and reset everything.

Then make a call or two to a talkgroup or parrot or something, or just wait for some traffic to whatever talkgroup you park on and then SSH in and type this.

Code: Select all

grep -i NextionDriver /var/log/syslog
If you see a bunch of junk similar to this then MMDVMHost and NextionDriver are working fine, so now we need to focus on the screen itself.

Code: Select all

May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver: TXbuffer is t2.txt="2 Listening"
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver: 287 strstr(TXbuffer, "t2.txt"  is [t2.txt="2 Listening"]
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver:   TX: t2.txt="2 Listening"
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver:  NET: t2.txt="2 Listening"
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver:   LH: check [t2.txt="2 Listening"] on page 2
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver:   LH: page 2 field 2 is [txt="2 Listening"]
May 10 21:33:58 pi-star2 NextionDriver:   LH: statusval 72
Now go back into the Expert configuration and under the [NextionDriver] section
set the LogLevel=2
apply changes.

Don't forget that step, or you'll fill up the space allocated for the logs.

First check to make sure the serial port is wired correctly. RX on the modem needs to go to TX on the screen, and TX on the modem needs to go to RX on the screen.

You've already said you ran the screen to reset the default baud rate back to 9600, so that is correct.

If it still doesn't work, then I'll have to point the blame on the .tft screen you loaded.

Question, what .HMI are you loading and where did you get it from? Did you create the .tft in the editor yourself? What version of the editor did you use? Theres another user that is mentioning that when he used the latest editor (.58) his screens stopped functioning also. I'll have to admit I was (and still am) highly skeptical of that claim, but if two people are experiencing the same issue, then its something that needs to be taken very seriously as others are going to experience this same issue.

Lets try what he said worked for him.
Download https://nextion.itead.cc/download/nexti ... p-vLTS.zip

Unzip it to a folder and make sure that when you run that exe that the new Nextion editorer isn't currently running or you'll get some DLL errors.

Download a known working .HMI from PD0DIB just for testing
https://github.com/PD0DIB/Nextion_HAM-r ... %208/GLOBE

Load one of those .HMI's for your screen model number and create the .TFT file and side load that and see if things are working correctly.

At this point you can either load the .HMI you had originally wanted into the .53 editor and create a .TFT and try and load that to see if that works or try to load it into the new editor .58 and see if it breaks things again. Either way we are gaining valuable information.
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Re: ON7LDS driver disappears after reboot

Post by K3TOM » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:16 pm

PROGRESS BEING MADE! Yippe! Okay, I followed your instructions and increased the log level and found the Nextion Driver working okay. Changed the log level back to 2. I know the screen is wired correctly, already been through that before. The screen I’m using is listed as being designed and coded by PD0DIB and I downloaded it from one of the facebook groups from a post attributed to Mich EA7KD0 I believe. It uses bi-directional communication for a couple of the features. I’ll attach it if I can. It’s titled, “Mitch_5-22-19_A”. I also have used the older version of the Nextion editor you provided a link to for some of the files I have downloaded including the Mitch_5-22-19_A. The .HMI file I have for that one has some errors so I can’t compile it since I don’t know how to fix them yet so all I can do is use the tft files for it that I’ve had from months ago that I’ve previously downloaded. I actually have two versions of the file. One where I went into the first screen of the file in the Nextion editor and changed the baud rate to 9600 and one where I changed it to 115200. I could only get the 9600 one to work previously so that’s been the one I’ve been trying to get to work now. I’ve also been using the Model 8 2.4 inch Globe screen you linked from PD0DIB in my workflow as a diagnostic aid as well.
When you told me to make a call to parrot or a talkgroup and monitor the log file I found out something interesting. My Zumspot was not working! I been so tied up in the screen diagnosis I hadn’t noticed that my Zumspot quit working and my radio couldn’t transmit nor receive. I remember seeing something in one of the logs about, "unable to read firmware after six attempts," but the version number was clearly listed as the newer, 1.4.17 in the dashboard. So anyway, I reloaded the firmware in the Zumspot and guess what, the screen started working! I checked everything and most of the functions worked except the cpu temperature and the bi-directional communications weren’t working yet. The cpu temperature won’t work with this screen until you ssh and run, "sudo apt-get install bc". Tried that but the cpu temp field still would not populate. Either way, At least I’m back where I started from in the beginning when I undertook this project to try and get bi-directional communication to work on my hotspots. Thanks again for the help.

Link to screen I've been using.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nextion ... SEARCH_BOX
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Re: ON7LDS driver disappears after reboot

Post by KE7FNS » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:30 pm

Good job.

Well, the good news is the bi directional communications should be working, and your issue as of right now is down to poor .HMI design practices.

For Example, if you load one of PD0DIB's screens the reboot and shutdown buttons will work, confirming that serial data is being passed back to the RPI for execution.

Now, as far as what this other screen is doing to get CPU temp just seems wonky to me. I'm not sure why he's using BC (which I believe is a command line basic calculator) to manipulate the data when you can just read it directly in the serial messages or even just do the math on the Nextion itself. There is even a configuration parameter you can change to convert C to F. So it just seems like he's doing excess work.

I don't have public access to that facebook area so I can't download that file and look at it, but maybe you can message him and he can repair his design it should at least be able to be downloaded and compile without any adjusting.
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