Offical ON7LDS NextionDriver version 1.20 released.

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Offical ON7LDS NextionDriver version 1.20 released.

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The official ON7LDS NextionDriver has been updated to version 1.20. It is located at

Latest version : 1.20 (Released June 2021)
  • shows frequencies (t30, t32), temperature (t20), location (t31), ... even if MMDVMHost does not send them
  • ability to update your users and groups files via a touch event on your display
  • specify your preferred web based source for users and groups data
  • separate first name and last name fields in the users file can be concatenated and output on one field
  • detailed info about the OS can be obtained by touch events

the default filename or the users file (DMRidFile) has been changed from stripped.csv to users.csv !

(An update to the NextionDriverInstaller is currently being worked on and should be updated soon making this section no longer needed, the new settings will be added automatically.)
To customize and make use of many of the new features you'll need to add a few new settings in the /etc/mmdvmhost file under the [NextionDriver] section. If the settings are missing the default values will automatically be used. (there should be a patch to automatically add missing settings in the NextionDriverInstaller in the future)

Code: Select all

Information on what each setting does is available here: ...

Currently, you have to manually add the new settings yourself. One way I would suggest is the following:

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sudo nano /etc/mmdvmhost
Copy and paste the configuration settings you want/need

Then when you are done hit CTRL+X, hit y, hit enter.

Then type

Code: Select all

sudo reboot
Port=modem is for Nextions connected to MMDVM/MMDVM_HS boards.
Port=/dev/ttyUSB0 is for Nextions connected to a USB/TTL adapter.
Port=/dev/ttyAMA0 should only be used with USB connected MMDVM/MMDVM_HS boards, that serial port is already in use on GPIO connected boards.

To update to 1.20 from older versions of the NextionDriver simply download and run the NextionDriverInstaller script.

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cd /tmp
git clone
sudo NextionDriverInstaller/
Answer Y to reboot.

To reinstall and get the latest version of the NextionDriver simply run the NextionDriverInstaller script.

When you see this message:

Code: Select all

- There is an existing binary with the same version number.
- This might be an incomplete install
-  or you might want to force a reinstall

+ Do you want to reinstall anyway (y,N) ? y
Simply answer Y to force it to get the latest version of the NextionDriver.

Also Nextion users please take a minute to at least say thanks to ON7LDS for providing such a useful application.
If someones previous actions are any indication of their future actions, then I predict the deletion and removal of access will happen at any moment. 7-11-2020.

"07/13/20 This Website Has Been Taken Down" ... again :lol:
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