TJC Displays (chinese Nextion)

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TJC Displays (chinese Nextion)

Post by HB9EUE » Wed May 30, 2018 5:17 pm


I ordered my HS_Dual_Hat on Aliexpress, and choose the option 'with display'. On the pictures the display looked like a Nextion, so I supposed it was a Nextion. It came pre-flashed with the G4KLX layout.

I wanted to use the more sophisticated ON7LDS Layout, but failed.

It turns out, my 'Nextion' is a TJC Display, which, until short time ago, used to be Nextion compatible. After some Google Research I found that the story behind was more or less, both are the identical hardware. 'Nextion' Brands are used for sale outside china. TJC Branded ones are for sale to Chinese customers only, as per license agreement with the manufacturer.

As the TJC Displays started being shipped out of china, Nextion has apparently started shipping it's displays with slightly altered display firmware, so that you cannot use the tools Nextion and not even flash tft files for Nextion anymore.

So I contacted the Aliexpress Seller. He apparently was not aware of that issue and also did try to contact TJC to have them supply their own software to design layouts and flash the displays. TJC does not supply software in other languages than chinese.

So does anyone know any tricks to be able to re-flash a TJC Display, or is this for the bin?


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Re: TJC Displays (chinese Nextion)

Post by G1FMU » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:52 pm

If it came pre-flashed with the G4KLX layout then someone somewhere has figured out how to upload the software.

Surely someone has figured this out.

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