If your HRO ZUMSpot OLED seems "Dead", maybe try this

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If your HRO ZUMSpot OLED seems "Dead", maybe try this

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I will keep it short. I bought a ZUMSpot with 1.3" OLED from HRO, and running PiStar 4.1.1.

The first thing I did after powering up was trying to get the OLED to show something. I spent hours trying all sorts of things, including setting it to "OLED Type 6".

I was convinced I had a dud screen, and I have been building electronics & computers since the 1980s.

In all my excitement, I never configured the dropdown for "Radio/Modem Type". I mean after all, it is below the OLED dropdown, so it must be less important! (that's a joke).

Once I set that to "ZUMSpot - Single Band Raspberry Pi Hat GPIO", and rebooted, life was good, and my OLED is working great.

Just thought I would share my foolishness, so others may avoid the same frustration.

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