DMR2YSF - Drive Talk-groups form radio

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DMR2YSF - Drive Talk-groups form radio

Post by MW0MWZ » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:17 am

In Pi-Star v4 at least - you can now drive the YSF connection from your DMR Radio, the TG number you select in DMR will be the YSF reflector number you come out on.

So when using DMR2YSF, using TG 31672 form your radio will bring you out on YSF 31672 (Pi-Star reflector) on YSF.
FCS rooms are prefixed with 100 - so 100290 = FCS2-90

If you want to get really complex and use this with DMRGateway, using the 7 prefix and stretch the YSF numbers to 6 digits with a leading 0...

TG 7031672 = Pi-Star YSF Reflector
TG 7100290 = FCS2-90

**Note - the config page has been setup to add some missing config lines, you will need to head to the config page and hit apply one time to make those changes (after you update of course).

73 de MW0MWZ

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