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DMR Updates

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New news in the world of DMR on Pi-Star;

DMR+ IPSC2 only.
The DMR+ admins reached out to me and asked that we remove all the hosts that are not IPSC2, they tell me all of the old ones are now defunct and we should be using the IPSC2 hosts only for connection to DMR+ network. We have complied and you will see from the current hosts listed for DMR+ that only IPSC2 is now available.

BrandMeister Hotspot Security
The BrandMeister guys also reached out to me this week, they are going to be looking to increase security soon, and in doing so wanted to make sure we give them all the support we can, I've been promising forever that I would add in support for HotSpot security, and wouldn't you know - here it is :)
Once you're running dashboard 20190428 or newer, you will see an option for BM Hotspot Security in the DMR section, leave it empty to use the standard password, or enter a password here to use a custom password (make SURE you also setup the same password on the BM side too in the self-care section).

EDIT: BM Hotspot Security - how-to posted here: ... t_Security

73 de MW0MWZ
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