RELEASE Pi-Star v4.1.2

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RELEASE Pi-Star v4.1.2

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Pi-Star 4.1.2 is now available, if you are already running 4.1.x you can update, and then upgrade from the dashboard (the upgrade link is in the expert section).

New stuff:
Updates for the base OS already on-board, this should stop Pi 3A+ users from having issues out of the box.
Cleaned up some left over issues from the Buster upgrade, some services have been broken and bleating at boot, so now removed.
MobileGPS added in, and available on the dashboard, It may need some more work to get it perfect but its here at last.
/boot/config.txt updated to bring a few of the settings up to date in line with upstream changes.
Added a captive portal feature - if you use the AutoAP you will notice this :)

There are lots of other new things in Pi-Star that are not unique to this build, link managers for almost everything for example :)

Have fun with it!

73 de MW0MWZ
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