Pi-Star Multi-Reflector - YSFReflector Name Change

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Pi-Star Multi-Reflector - YSFReflector Name Change

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As some of you already know - we host a multi-protocol reflector, it's available via BrandMeister TG31672, YSF 31672, NXDN 31672 and P25 31672.

Today we have re-named the YSF Reflector portion of this system, from "US Pi-Star AMeXE" to "US Pi-Star Multi"

Why - why is an interesting question, the answer is that the number of the YSF Reflector was calculated by doing some quite interesting number crunching against the name of the reflector. Since I wanted the numbers to match, that meant I had to add the weird "AMeXE" suffix in order to get the number I wanted.

Since Jonathan (G4KLX) has made a change to the YSFReflector code such that you can now choose the number that you register (provided that its not in use) - it is now possible to choose the name *and* choose the number.

What does this mean for you? - If you have your YSF connection set to use YSF 31672 by default, after you update and you can see that 31672 has had its name change, just re-set the startup for YSF back to the new host. If you don't use 31672 as your startup host - nothing changed :)

73 de MW0MWZ
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