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APRS Server List

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I will soon be cutting the APRS server list down to just a small number of entries; this is to help us all work with the APRS team and to make sure we are not saturating connections to any single host.

Please take a look here for more information: http://www.aprs2.net

In short, we will reduce the list to just 6 entries:

Code: Select all

Rotate - Global Load Balance		rotate.aprs2.net
North America				noam.aprs2.net
South America				soam.aprs2.net
Europe & Africa				euro.aprs2.net
Asia					asia.aprs2.net
Oceania					aunz.aprs2.net
Initially I have moved the hosts in the host file so that these are at the top of the list to give you time to pick your preferred choice, and once I make the change if you currently use any other host, you will be moved to the global rotate host unless you choose one of the others.

This change will be handled in the config page, if you don't visit the config page and hit one of the apply buttons, nothing changes.

73 de MW0MWZ
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