DMR Host Files - Changes

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DMR Host Files - Changes

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The DMR Host file content is changing, in-line with a coming change in MMDVMHost, the Pi-Star DMR host file will include more DNS names (rather than being mostly full of IP addresses).

What this means for you:
The next time you visit the config page after getting the new layout host file, you need to make sure you check the DMR section and verify that the expected host is selected, it may jump to an un-expected host as a side-effect of the change if you don't catch it.

The repeater info panel on the front page of Pi-Star may also display the IP address of the connected DMR host, rather than its name, until the next time you use the config page and re-select your host.

Edit: Make sure you update your Pi-Star before re-selecting the DMR host, I made some extra changes that make the process smoother.

73 de MW0MWZ
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