OpenGD77 Identity has been Updated

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OpenGD77 Identity has been Updated

Post by kd2lh » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:36 pm

I'm working with Roger and Daniel on OpenGD77 hotspot development.

In recent revisions of the OpenGD77 hotspot mode, the authors have changed the identity of the device that is returned to PiStar during initialization.

This relates to support for different controlling modes (MMDVM and BlueDV).

Here's a logged example of the new modem ID:

I: 2020-01-09 14:42:04.646 MMDVM protocol version: 1, description: OpenGD77_HS v0.0.73 GitID #8994f84

The problem is discussed here, along with change source code for PiStar to recognize the unit with the updated ID information. ... a9d1#p3658

Until this is changed, PiStar has stopped displaying the GD77 device on the dashboard in the Radio Info box. '

The firmware authors are now making changes in this area, so it will be a short time before it's stabilized, and they submit a PR to PiStar to accommodate the final change.
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