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Post by oh5bzr » Wed May 20, 2020 1:30 pm


I try to minimize equipmnets as we all.

What is best API at Pi-Star to develop
for example Weather Station data fowarding
trough DMR to APRS. Yeah, own weather station
could based on hotspot,.. could SMS "Weather?"
or it could automatically send allert! Minimum
is to WX info to APRS via DMR. Separetly
it could relay on internet or local APRS
infra if it exists or works. Some routing dessions
logic should exists.

Is there API where I can "steal" GPS, SMS and APRS
messages. It could be convinient re-route them at
HOTSPOT directly.

As for testing I'am planing to use JS8Call to foward
APRS messages or foward APRS at JS8Call.
Also have old fashion APRS at 2m and 70cm.

This purely technical ideas testing and practice
will show has those any idea survive. Idea is that
if internet connection is lost remote station can still
foward at least SMS and feed DMR GPS to local

If some one has allready done all that let me know!

If not at very long term I might do it if I know
API's,... what are best places to hack.

Yes,... and how about DATA transfer. I have not seen but
DMR phone could works as modem and HOTSPOT
as connection point,...

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