M17 radio support

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M17 radio support

Post by oh5bzr »

pi-star is stuck due there is no built-in ambe v2 vocoder at
hardware neighter software - that limits creativity !!!

I found project M17 - support for M17 could be great idea !
It uses open source vocoder so pi-star could give spoken
anouncement's for M17 hardware,... who knows M17 could
be next generation standard at RadioHam society ?

https://www.kb6nu.com/m17-an-open-sourc ... ke-system/

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Re: M17 radio support

Post by M1DNS »

This first needs adding to mmdvmhost with support from the MMDVM team.

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Re: M17 radio support

Post by LB9GE »

I too would like to see Pi-Star take in M17.

The project:

Existing Hardware modification:

de LB9GE Trond
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