pi-star API

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pi-star API

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Just curious, Is there a pi-star API available so that one can throw api commands to enable or disable dmr networks, or sending in a tg disconnect or power recycle, configuration recycle, etc. Would be nice to have an API to flip settings quickly.
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Re: pi-star API

Post by AF6VN »

There are a number of "commands" in /usr/local/sbin (buried among all the service files used by the "new" [and complex to me] init scheme) which can be issued from an SSH session.

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[email protected](rw):~$ ls /usr/local/sbin
aprsgateway.service       pistar-daily.cron              pistar-nxdnlink
dapnetgateway.service     pistar-dapnetapi               pistar-p25link
dmr2nxdn.service          pistar-expand                  pistar-remote
dmr2ysf.service           pistar-findmodem               pistar-remote.service
dmrgateway.service        pistar-firewall                pistar-sendcw
dstarrepeater.service     pistar-hourly.cron             pistar-tgifapi
HostFilesUpdate.sh        pistar-jittertest              pistar-update
ircddbgateway.service     pistar-keeper                  pistar-upgrade
mmdvmhost_NoOLED.service  pistar-keeper.service          pistar-upnp.service
mmdvmhost.service         pistar-link                    pistar-vyehsflash
mobilegps.service         pistar-mdoflash                pistar-watchdog
nextiondriver.service     pistar-mmdvmcal                pistar-watchdog.service
nxdn2dmr.service          pistar-mmdvmhost-module        pistar-ysflink
nxdngateway.service       pistar-mmdvmhshatdowngrade     pistar-zumspotflash
nxdnparrot.service        pistar-mmdvmhshatflash         timercontrol.service
p25gateway.service        pistar-mmdvmhshatflash-custom  timeserver.service
p25parrot.service         pistar-mmdvmhshatreset         ysf2dmr.service
pistar-ap.service         pistar-mmdvmremote             ysf2nxdn.service
pistar-bmapi              pistar-mmdvmrpthatflash        ysf2p25.service
pistar-bootconfig.sh      pistar-motdgen                 ysfgateway.service
pistar-clone              pistar-nanodvflash             ysfparrot.service
[email protected](rw):~$
{I see it is time to reboot again -- some update has hung it in R/W mode}

Dennis L Bieber
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