MMDVMHOST FM mode implementation

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Re: MMDVMHOST FM mode implementation

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Now the next question is.... How much of a stretch would it be to add Echolink support to the FM mode, so that that dual analog/digital repeater can also do Echolink on the FM side? (Yes, the more we get, the more we want LOL)
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Re: MMDVMHOST FM mode implementation

Post by W4EAE »

I have an MMDVM repeater built with two mobile radios, a duplexer, and an RB STM32-DVM board. I readily accept that when it comes to the broader field of Pi-Star users, I am in an incredibly small minority.

Several months ago, I configured my Pi-Star repeater for FM by editing the pertinent section of the /etc/mmdvmhost file. For me, this was largely an experiment, but the machine has gotten some use as a local FM repeater.

Updates and gui changes to the configuration which touch /etc/mmdvmhost do break the configuration, but it is not often that make changes anyway.

I would settle for Pi-Star leaving that portion of /etc/mmdvmhost alone, maybe adding an FM indicator in the dashboard, and calling that FM implementation.
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Re: MMDVMHOST FM mode implementation

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The config page *shouldnt* touch the [FM] section of the config, if it is doing, can you work with me on that so that i can iron out any bugs...
Also for showing when its in FM mode - again if you can work with me (ideally get me SSH access to the box) I can see what the logs look like and get that added in.

73 de MW0MWZ
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Re: MMDVMHOST FM mode implementation

Post by W4EAE »

Thank you for the quick response.

And, apologies.

First off, I have been working on several things at one time, and confused a few things. Config changes and updates DO NOT break the FM repeater in MMDVMHost. (The other project was setting multiple static DG-IDs on YCS servers--which are broken by config changes and upgrades).

Additionally, it doesn't appear that MMDVMHost logs anything for FM activity; so including it in the dashboard would require querying the MMDVM board. This is likely more than you want to bite off.
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