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Re: BrandMaster Talk Group Black List

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KE7FNS wrote:
It was in the software back in 2016, it was removed. Theres probably a good reason why it was removed, like the ability to block it from the network was decided.

I don't think it is applicable to other modes, only DMR.

It was. You had tg whitelists and blacklists but it was thought that it was not in the interests to have it remain for the reasons we're giving above.

Just as an fyi generally this can now be done within drmgateways linking rules.
You can silence individual tgs,
blocks of tgs, to_from
Or actual whole countries using their mcc area codes.

Which is what i was hinting at in an earlier reply re: giving you more control if there was enough request for it.
Realistically, Its most prob. not something we'll do with just a couple, three people asking for it, as its a hell of lot of work to do. Much easier to take a BM support ticket and ask them to instigate it, but remember to give good reasons. As like us they will also need persuading. Image

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