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Green LED

Post by K5BTV » Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:39 pm

UPdate: 3/11/2019
All is OK. The glaring green LED on the top hat board times out 22 seconds after no activity and the display returns to the normal scrolling MMDVM. There is a time out setting I missed in the configuration.

I'm using RasPi 3 B+ with MMDVD top hat. Previous version 3.14.16 displays scrolling MMDVM and when a station transmitted on a reflector the green LED lit and the OLED display changed to give information on station transmitting.

New Rev 4.0.0 rev3 Shows fixed D-Star on the display ( I really like that) but the green LED always stays lit now. It was a good indicator of activity when far away from reading the display. I would suggest for future versions using the green LED to only light when a station is transmitting on the reflector being monitored. BTW, that green LED is on the top hat MMDVM board but as mentioned above it was only active with transmitting stations.

I'm new to D-Star so if there is a setting to achieve this let me know.

Thanks Jim, K5BTV

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