DSTAR<>DMR,Fusion transcoding

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DSTAR<>DMR,Fusion transcoding

Post by pa3eke » Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:27 pm

Very nice to have is a build in Dstar2DMR and Dstar2Fusion etc crosslink function. Maybee its not too difficult to integrate an USB AMBE dongle in Pistar to make this possible
What do you think?
73's Rob, pa3eke

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Re: DSTARDMR,Fusion transcoding

Post by M1DNS » Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:58 pm

DSTAR to DMR/ YSF would need a lot more work. Yes, u'd have to employ a usb or networked AMBE vocoder meaning you'll have to be running additional software, some type of ambe server package, which would take the resources beyond some of the SBC boards pistar now works with. And of course it's not just with us here @ pistar, there'd have to be support written for it in MMDVM, which is used extensively, so the team there would need to be pursuaded on its use case also.

Much better to encourage use of multi protocol reflectors like XLX.

Andrew M1DNS, (Mod)

Andrew M1DNS.
Pi-star Admin Team.

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Re: DSTAR<>DMR,Fusion transcoding

Post by pa3eke » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:44 pm

Tks for your response and explanation. XLX trancoding reflector is an option but not as flexibele as an build in transcoding option.
But i underrated the complexity of the AMBE transcoding within PI-star.
Anyhow i am with the given features very satisfied.

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Re: DSTAR<>DMR,Fusion transcoding

Post by N4NQY » Mon May 13, 2019 8:18 pm

I think Rob has a point. I realize that some Hotspots that run Pi-Star will not handle a lot of compute intensive tasks (i.e Pi Zero, etc), but I think he has the vision for the future. I suspect the Pi 3B+ would handle an Pi-Star plus AMBE Server software and a couple ThumbDV's or DVMega DV3000 sticks and the next Pi (V4 or whatever) will certainly have more cycles/memory. Likely we will see an Open-Source AMBE Emulator in software eventually, but if not there are hardware solutions.

At some point, some Pi-Star features will leave boards like the Pi-Zero behind. Based on some testing here, YSF Cross-modes have some difficulty already on a Pi-Zero with Pi-Star V4 RC4. Run the same on a pi 3B+ and it is like night and day.

Hopefully Andy, Jonathon and rest of the MMDVM and folks will still be interested enough in the project to add these features when they are appropriate and available. MMDVM and Pi-Star have taken on a life of their own and have become much bigger and more complex than the originators probably forsaw.

Until there is a truly affordable all-mode HT, hams will want to include the features that make their favorite mode interact with the rest of the world. Jost look at how popular YSF2XXX has become.

jb N4NQY

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