Docker'ise PiStar instead of full install?

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Docker'ise PiStar instead of full install?

Post by VA2ZAC »

Have you considered changing the architecture of Pi-Star to break it into components that could be deployed as docker containers rather than a whole big installations?

I also use Home Assistant that runs on a HassOS, a hypervisor for docker containers on Pi. It makes it so much easier to do upgrades as you can just re-build a docker container, stop the old one and start the new one.

I was just reading the updated comments on the SSL request and that made me think of going this way. For example, you could then run the web front end via a NGINX or Apache container and it could talk to the back end MMDVM that could run in another container.

So you could have containers for all the parts of the system:
- web
- ssh
- mmdvm
- smb share
- DMR gateway and others
- php-fpm

And all these containers can talk to each, share file paths for configuration files (via volumes) and even access the hardware: ... ial-device

I'd be curious to see what everyone thinks of this idea... This might be a Pi-Start 5.x idea though...!

Some reference material about Docker if anyone is curious:

- Zachary / VA2ZAC
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Re: Docker'ise PiStar instead of full install?

Post by WA1OKB »

"docker" and "easy" should never appear in the same post.... Everytime I've had to deal with Docker its been a total nightmare to get to function correctly.... I'd almost rather compile from source than have to deal with Docker.
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Re: Docker'ise PiStar instead of full install?

Post by MW0MWZ »

I have to say that the idea of pi-star running in docker, is (I think) I good idea...
however, updating that hot mess and actually making it all work nicely, and having everything to make it all work properly (and having MMDVMHost in a docker container, but able to use USB and serial devices) is all a frustrating pain - I've looked at this already - and its on the pile marked "yeah- one day..."

73 de MW0MWZ
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Re: Docker'ise PiStar instead of full install?

Post by G8SEZ »

Whoever called it 'Docker' obviously never spent any time listening to the BBC news in the 1970s.

"Doesn't work? No surprise, they're always on strike."

Brian G8SEZ
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