Wires-X ID's match FCS Reflector Numbers

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Wires-X ID's match FCS Reflector Numbers

Post by KD0YD » Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:00 pm

I was wondering if it's possible to make the Wires-x ID numbers that are used to connect to the FCS reflectors match the FCS reflector numbers?

When using a Ft-70D handheld connecting to the reflectors using the Wires-X method ID number as it has no lookup capability. That number is sequential starting with the number 10 compared to the current list. The same IDs work on the Ft-2D but at least with the Ft-2D you can search by FCS numbers and then just select from the list on the screen. I don't have any of the mobile radios, the 100, 400 etc so I don't know if that would affect them or be in conflict with the YSF reflector numbers.

Getting the DTMF tones to work consistently at least in my case and looking at other reports on the Forum is a struggle. Using Wires-X commands is far closer to be in 100% for me.

Example: To access FCS00100, you enter 00010. To access FCS00110 you enter 00020. FCS00290 you enter 00139. If it is not possible to make the ID's for Wires-X match the reflector numbers, at least put the Wires-X IDs in the FCS reflector list that's on the pi-star page http://www.pistar.uk/fcs_reflectors.php ?

I found that I could make a list but it was pointed out to me that the list can be dynamic as reflectors are added or deleted from a list. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=313&p=3825#p3825.

Thanks for considering.
Jeffrey KD0YD

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