DTMF changing of DMR and DMR2YSF parameters

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DTMF changing of DMR and DMR2YSF parameters

Post by KE2SJ » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:09 am

Would be great to be able to change Fusion masters in DMR Gateway via DTMF rather than going into the web interface, or DMR masters the same way Love pi-star! Thanks for the hard work and apologies if this has been raised before. Couldn't find it.

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Re: DTMF changing of DMR and DMR2YSF parameters

Post by W1KMC » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:36 pm

+1 here , but won't happen. the crossover mode through the DMRGateway Master cannot handle that, been asked before.

I have not changed my DMR master to the straightup DMR2YSF master, so if it is possible in that mode, then OK but then you lose all the functionality of any other DMR takgroups at the same time.

The one you can change rooms in is the DMR2NXDN, just in your MD380 (Yes I answered your other post too) rooms are 6 digits long (including a prefix of 7 (which coincidentally is the same for DMR2YSF which is WHY you cannot use both crossovers at once. I would rather drop/delete the DMR+ in order to do both, but I am no developer and so it is what it is.
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