NXDN Registration

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NXDN Registration

Post by G7MNP » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:43 pm


Does anyone know where to register for a NXDN number? I'm currently using my last 5 digits of my DMR ID but it doesn't show up on Pistar.
I've been given a link to the US site and that links me to the EU registration site that is the DMR registration site and I've got my DMR ID already. I've been looking for hours but I'm going around in circles....

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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Re: NXDN Registration

Post by W1KMC » Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:51 pm

RadioID.net is the correct place:

A quick search on google produces this page

http://www.nxdninfo.com/ -- to which has a link to nxmanager.net -- which points to nxmanager.weebly.com -- which then has a notice saying that they have gone to radioid.net for the management of the ID database.

What you didn't read is under the Terms of use, and the privacy stuff where it says you must register for an account before you can request, or for NXDN, select your NXDN ID.

I say I think because I got My ID when DMR-MARC was doing their thing 2 years ago, and My NXDN from the nxmanager site before they moved so I have not gone through the process as I don't need to. In order to CHANGE anything, I did ned to register an account but using my call sign, all my IDs (2 DMR, 2 NXDN, to match) were automatically attached.

Hope this cclarifies why it's telling you the radioid.net site.

Good Luck
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Re: NXDN Registration

Post by KA9UCE » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:32 am

I'll be damned if I am going to be controlled by some group, as to if, when or how I use any NXDN system.
This verification is B.;S, and I will no longer bow down and allow others to dictate what I am allowed to do.

I am all for being a member of groups, helping others, but these fiefdoms of control, are excessive, and hurt more than they assist.

I will not support or allow anybody to decide what I am going to do, or how I am going to use any system I own, I decide that, nobody else.

Sorry if I 'sound' like some idiot, but I have been around controlling groups in the past, they die a horrible death.
I do not care who agrees, likes or disagrees with my stand, I will do as I see fit, and if I decide to connect through any IRLP, or PI network, that will be my decision, and I do not need to ask or beg for permission from anybody.
My sites are open to all, and if people are worried about licenses, that falls on them only, and not my job to beg and plead. You either have one, and follow the others, or you do not, and you resign to work within that area.
Again, a license is the realm of the holder, not of others to validate or deny, it is none of their concern.

I suspect the sheep will always flock to the ones that speak the loudest, as does most in society, I am the outcast, I say what must be said, and I do not care about the ramifications.
I do not need anybody's permission or acceptance, I can easily do all I wish, on my own.
My equipment, my money, my decision...plain and simple, take it or leave it...If I own it, I make the rules on how things are used.
Play fair, treat others with respect and dignity, and all will be fine.
Play dictator, and you will be cut off, locked out.
Liars and cheats have no safe harbor with me...
We all get enough rope to hang ourselves with...how you use that rope, is all on you.

Anybody that wishes, or feels the need to 'validate' my amateur license, feel free to look me up on ULS, I am there.
I have NO obligation to prove my 'validity' to anybody, and I openly refuse to do so.

I simply grew tired of playing the sheep, and have become the wolf...But I play fair and honest...
I built my name by my steadfast honesty and attention to my customers.
I give them exactly as I promise, and often times, more.

Everybody makes mistakes....pobody's nerfect!

A person's word should be his or her bond, not just what is typed on some piece of paper!
I dance to my own tunes, not those of others. I have no desire or time to play follow the leader...I forge my own paths, right or wrong...I play well with others, when the playing field is fair to everybody.

As I said previously, what is mine, is under my direct ownership and control...free use to all if they do not abuse the generosity...feel free to go nuts and have fun!

My first light up, will be P25. DMR will be next, but NO cross mode...DMR->NXDN, or the like...It will be 100% P25, NXDN will be 100% NXDN only, and so on..

Anybody and everybody will be free to come and go as they please...I have no desire to play gate guard, you play nice, or go away.

I do monitor all of my currently active systems...

So many feel this need to fit in, no matter how awkward they are made to feel as they go about the process, just to be with the 'in crowd'...
I will remain as I am, I fit myself just fine, and I accept everybody, no need to fit in, or mold into something. Come as you are, all are graciously welcome.

Do not label me a non conformist, because I have never attempted to conform in my life, so that title is improper.
I conform to my personal ideals and desires, not those of others I do not know.
Amateur radio is both a hobby, and a service...do not kill it with even more red tape, fake regulations and restrictions...NOBODY OWNS THE RF SPECTRUM...stop trying to dominate, and accept being a player as we all are.
We all give and take by nature
I am free to play by my own rules, as long as I am not stomping on others, which I will never do, knowingly.

Too many 'goody two shoes' on amateur radio already. Ready to snitch and back stab people over foolish thoughts of some rule being broken in some heinous way...GROW UP, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, NOT MINE!

If the deal goes through, I might be firing up NXDN with an NXR-810...100% OPEN and UNRESTRICTED USE as well.
The system gets burned in first, then features added as they are requested.
Nobody gets to play the dictator, and decide who gets to do what...
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