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OK So Here's my Rant for the Day.

I have an NXDN ID that I have had for some time but recently I noticed it needed to be Validated with Radioid.net

I have a UK Call MW1COE but reside in the USA

So I Uploaded my Licence and I get the Following Responce inside an Email..

Your callsign has been updated in our system

Followed by :

Hello, An Administrator has validated your License.


W1COE is NOT my Callsign

MW1COE is and after telling them that so that someone with that call is not misrepresented I get :

You cant have a UK call with a US address, either apply with UK & address call at ham-digital.org or apply here with a US call and address, either way you will need to verbally add the /p where you are. the system wont allow your full call sign & /W1 or what ever fit in the database.

ham-digital.org does not Process NXDN only DMR which I already have !!

Incidentaly the Radio Authority in the UK has no issues as my UK call does have a US address Registered !!

All I am trying to do is that When I Tx my Callsign pops Up..

Who do I have to Mail a Bottle of Purell to to finally fix this Issue as oviously my Command on the English Language does not extend south of the Equator to AU ?
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