Rookie mistake...

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Rookie mistake...

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I recently dug out my Zumspot/Pi0W portable YSF hotspot for it's monthly update (I don't use it much).

Plugged it in, and it wouldn't connect to Wifi.. OK, OTG cable and 10/100 USB it is.. No soap.. Well, crud..

Flash a new card, try again.. Nadda.. OK, now I'm gonna get this working, one way or the other..

Swear a bit, try a different 10/100 USB adapter.. Nope...

Hmmmm, alright.. that leaves me only one option.. Power..

Tried a different adapter and voila.. hotspot comes up, reinstall from backup, reboot to WiFi... all is right with the world...

Sometimes it's the simple answer that works the best...
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