Brandmeister - fix your web site!!!

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Brandmeister - fix your web site!!!

Post by M0GXB »

A classic mistake so often made...

I am trying to set up my personal login.
Of course it wants to verify the email address.
At this point there are two stupid errors system designers often make:
1) Be very careful what the response email looks like as it is so easy to be seen as a hacker. Many email systems now delete such email (no JUNK folder)
2) *******!!!!! Try thinking about this situation and make provision for it !!!!!!*******
There is no "try a different email" button that I can see for when no email is received.
If you try to register again with a different email it says "that is already set up".
It merrily says to contact the administrator if there is a problem. HOW? Oh - you need to be logged in. That's a bit awkward isn't it?

Does no one ever test these things????
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Re: Brandmeister - fix your web site!!!

Post by M1DNS »

Jira support, where you log problems is a totally seperate site with seperate login credentials. So you could try setting up an acc. there.

You could post on the BM FB page and one of the core team will see it.

Or you could (and this is my recommendation) join BM global english support on telegram, where they handle most user issues.


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