Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 transmit and Password

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Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 transmit and Password

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Two issues:

1. I've been connected in the last week or so and while the Kenwood D-74 was/is hitting the pi-star (lights flash and the log indicated a call from me), and I can hear QSOs on the reflector. However, I can't seem to transmit into it. I went to HRO with the problem and their man helped me as much as possible over a couple of hours, but it STILL won't connect.

2. Bringing the Zumspot back home, I could log in to the configuration to change the controller mode, which I changed to duplex. Now I can't get back into the configuration page at all--It won't accept "raspberry" or any other PW I can think of. What do I have to do now?

Need clues...

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Re: Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 transmit and Password

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Hi Tony,

Whether or not you can use the duplex mode depends on the radio/modem board you are using. If it has one antenna, it's a simple board; if it has two, it's a duplex board.

It might be easiest at this point to burn a new Pi-Star image to your microSD card and start fresh.

Not knowing where you're at exactly, I'll add that one of the most fundamentally important things with D-STAR and hotspots is that for most simplex hotspots, in your radio you must use D-STAR Repeater (DR) or Duplex mode: set up RPT1, RPT2, and a zero offset (either +/−0.000).
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Re: Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 transmit and Password

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Yeah I agree, download and reflash a new image and start over.
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