Firmware upgrading from v1.4.7 to v1.4.8

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Re: Firmware upgrading from v1.4.7 to v1.4.8

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I was able to resolve this issue and I appreciate all the input and assistance. I created another Pi-Star SD card but this time I did not restore my backup settings file. Other than setting up the WiFi, I updated, upgraded, and update the firmware with no issues. I restored my settings manually and everything is working as it should.

There must have been something in my settings and the Pi-Star created a backup file that was preventing the firmware update on my original SD card and one I created and then used the settings restore on.

If anyone has input on what setting might prevent firmware updates or cause the error message I was receiving, I would be interested in knowing.

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Re: Firmware upgrading from v1.4.7 to v1.4.8

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I experienced this same thing and momentarily disabling the screen under "MMDVM Display Type" solved it. I'm guessing because the screen is using the same serial port as the firmware update...
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