Geatways settings

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Geatways settings

Post by S51RA » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:16 am

I am interested how to enable Digital-star and YSF geateways in pi-star software? I need settings. I am registered in both networks on their side. From the start everything is local. I have Wifi hotspot half duplex with two antennas.

Marko S51RA

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Re: Geatways settings

Post by AF6VN » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:06 am

You don't!

D-Star licensed the use of the original AMBE codec (a GMSK protocol).

DMR and Yaesu System Fusion both licensed the AMBE-2 codec (a 4FSK protocol).

The only way to gateway between the two is to use a system that has paid for licenses to BOTH codecs, then decode the digital traffic from one format to reencode it for the other format.

DMR and YSF use essentially the same digital voice encoding, and only differ in the "envelope" that wraps them; Hotspots can gateway these as they can strip the envelope from one format and wrap it in the other when sending/receiving.

Addendum two days later:

The above is based on the concept that "gateway" was meant to route from one mode to the other.

If, instead, you mean merely how to configure Pi-Star to connect to the D-STAR OR YSF specific servers, that is a different matter -- and the configuration options for D-Star, at least, are rather obvious

Dennis L Bieber

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