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Pi-Star variables

Post by G7POQ » Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:33 am


I am new to the Pi-Star and forum.

I have searched for the variables/commands for the PI-Star so I can try to create my own Nextion screen layout.

However, having trouble locating all the parameters/variables that Pi-Star creates or passes to a screen.

Can anybody please advise me or point me in the right direction?


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Re: Pi-Star variables

Post by M1DNS » Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:19 am

MMDVM host handles the nextion serial data throughput...

Here's some to get you started, but would suggest you join the excellent
Nextion ham radio screens FB group.

t0.txt= callsign, dmrid
"t0.txt= LOCKOUT
"t1.txt= MMDVM IDLE
"t1.txt= ERROR
"t2.txt= date/time
"t3.txt= ipaddress
DStar Page
"t0.txt= type, my1, my2
"t1.txt= your
"t2.txt= reflector
"t3.txt= rssi
"t3.txt= rssiAccum1 / DSTAR_RSSI_COUNT
"t4.txt= ber
"t4.txt= berAccum1 / float(DSTAR_BER_COUNT)
DMR Page
"t0.txt= type, src
"t0.txt= 1 Listening
"t1.txt= group ? "TG" : "", dst
"t2.txt= type, src
"t2.txt= 2 Listening
"t3.txt= group ? "TG" : "", dst
"t4.txt= rssi
"t4.txt= rssiAccum1 / DMR_RSSI_COUNT
"t5.txt= rssi
"t5.txt= rssiAccum2 / DMR_RSSI_COUNT
"t6.txt= ber
"t6.txt= berAccum1 / DMR_BER_COUNT
"t7.txt= ber
"t7.txt= berAccum2 / DMR_BER_COUNT
YSF Page
"t0.txt= type, source
"t1.txt= dest
"t2.txt= origin
"t3.txt= rssi
"t3.txt= rssiAccum1 / YSF_RSSI_COUNT
"t4.txt= ber
"t4.txt= berAccum1 / float(YSF_BER_COUNT)
P25 Page
"t0.txt= type, source
"t1.txt= group ? "TG" : "", dest
"t2.txt= rssi
"t2.txt= rssiAccum1 / P25_RSSI_COUNT
"t3.txt= ber
"t3.txt= berAccum1 / float(P25_BER_COUNT)

Andrew M1DNS, (Mod)

Andrew M1DNS.
Pi-star Admin Team.

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