Tether tablet to MMDVM NOT MMDVM to tablet

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Re: Tether tablet to MMDVM NOT MMDVM to tablet

Post by KE7FNS » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:39 am

kp4djt wrote:
Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:37 am
If I could make it always work that way tablet links to raspberry pi over the USB link then I would not have to worry about having a wifi hotspot on the same network as the raspberry pi.
You seem to be misunderstanding the reason I mentioned a microUSB to ethernet adapter, with one of those and a standard cat5 cable you would simply plug into the same ethernet device the RPi is connected to and access it directly using that network, no wifi hotspot is needed. Plus the tablet would have proper internet access to the outside world the same as the RPi. That would be your best "single" wire solution.

You just can't do what you are wanting to do without disabling hostapd and adding more software, like a DHCP server daemon (which is going to conflict with the DHCP server you already have on your network). Right now when you plug in a USB cable to the RPi, hostapd (the software that sets up the wireless access point) is assigning you the same address (192.168.50.x) as if you are a wireless device on your RPi.

It needs to be an IP address on the same network as the RPi (probably 192.168.1.x), not 192.168.50.x and even if you went into the hostapd configs and modified it to be on the same subnet it still wouldn't forward traffic properly. It just isn't meant to be used like that.

You'd be better off plugging in the USB to a router, if the router supports such a connection, it would at least have the correct DHCP configuration and assign you the correct address.
kp4djt wrote:
Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:37 am
Even with the wifi turned off on the tablet it may or may not connect over the USB.
Most likely you are not running a rooted Android so trying to analyze what is going on inside the OS on the tablet is near impossible.

It just isn't worth bothering with when you can just get an adapter and plug in a cat 5 cable and it would work exactly like any networking device in the entire world.
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Re: Tether tablet to MMDVM NOT MMDVM to tablet

Post by kp4djt » Fri May 15, 2020 3:35 am

I think I have figured it out, I just need to make sure that tethering is turned on as the tablet is going to tether TO the Pi-Star device. I think that it was automatically connecting when it did not find and RF path, for whatever reason. Now I just need to turn on tethering when I plug the tablet in. And figure out how in this case to make that the default network path. Appears that if the RPi sees an IP request over USB it will hand out an address in the same 192.168.50.x block as it does over WiFi. It would appear that the RPi is monitoring both WiFi and USB and if it sees a connect request it will hand out an IP to the requesting device. But the WiFi side times out and after a few minutes drops out if it has not connected. Not so the USB side. Again if I plug in the tablet and make sure tethering is turned on it works. Thank you for your time and info.

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