MMDVM stops scrolling.

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MMDVM stops scrolling.

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Hello everybody.
My rpi zero jumbo spot keeps playing up and corrupting my sd card. The MMDVM screen saver stops scrolling and is replaced with “start up” I have replaced the sd card with a recently written program and all works fine for about 3 hours running on a battery pack. Then it all happens again. Could anyone help please?
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Re: MMDVM stops scrolling.

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Does the same thing happen when running on a known DC power supply plugged into the wall instead of the battery pack?

One of the most common causes for sdcard corruption on the raspberry pi are undervoltage events. If you are running off a battery pack its possible that its not providing enough power.

So first thing I would try is reverting to a known good USB wall power supply and see if problem persists when running on known good power. If things runs stable for a day or so with a known good sdcard while on wall power then you might need a different battery pack.

In theory should see the power led turn off or flash on/off if the pi-zero experiences an undervoltage event. So if you come to the unit when its in showing the start up message and the led is off that would be another indicator that its a power issue.
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