Cosmetic problem with 4.1.2

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Cosmetic problem with 4.1.2

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Hello, all...

I've been thoroughly enjoying the 3 main digital modes (DMR, D-Star, and Fusion) these last few years with HF conditions being so rotten. A combination of cabled OpenSPOT 1's were my first foray into hotspots, but they've really been supplanted (especially for mobile use) by 3 frequency diverse Pi-Star enabled MMDVM's to be able to simultaneously run all 3 modes.

I've also recently and pleasantly discovered Pi-Star's WiresX Passthrough mode. I've also noted that a lot of improvements have been made to that function from the time V3.4.17 came out in January 2019. That load was nicely stable for my hardware: hw Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 (512MB), mmdvm hs simplex hat, so I wasn't keen on changing something that was working fine for me. But the improvements for WiresX Passthrough that have been accomplished became a driving force to upgrade at least the load in my dedicated Fusion Pi-Zero W based JumboSpot with the 0.7" OLED display.

Here's my problem:

I've configured V4.1.2 for my Fusion MMDVM. It works. It connects to my network w/o issues. It does QSO's. WiresX Passthrough switches to all FCS reflectors, albeit with the somewhat usual "minus 90" setting when using the En *nnnnn entry on my FT-70DR. It's resident on a 16GB SDHC that was flashed and validated with BalenaEtcher software. (The same flasher I've used with everything previous, including V3.4.17.)

Fusion activity "on channel" in both N and R mode displays normally on the OLED. But when activity disappears, or with no activity on the default FCS reflector upon a power up or reboot, I do not see the diagonal "traveling 'MMDVM' " standby display. The display is either blank or I see only a single pixel from each traveling "MMDVM"display moving from lower left to upper right on the display.

I never saw this using V3.4.17. If I put that SDHC chip load back into the MMDVM, the standby display works normally. This unit also displays the "standby MMDVM's" normally with a V4.1 load that I used for awhile for DMR in a different MMDVM. Put the V4.1.2 load back in and the same thing happens as before with the MMDVM's standby display.

Another piece of possibly related information: -CLOSE-, and the somewhat larger STOPPED indications appeared as they normally when doing reboots during settings savings during the configuration of the load.

What's likely going on, and what do I do to fix this?
(Since it's only cosmetic and doesn't affect operations, I could live with it if I had to. But I'd like to fix it if it's something simple.)
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Re: Cosmetic problem with 4.1.2

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Close, stopped Is a reflection that the mmdvm service has stopped and closed. It needs to stop as the changes are implemented to take effect when restarted. Scroll and screensaver settings can be changed on the mmdvmhost expert page.
admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php look at the display section.

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