Can only stay connected to HBLink server for 5 minutes

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Can only stay connected to HBLink server for 5 minutes

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None of my Pi-Star devices will stay connected to an HBLink server for more than about 5 minutes without dropping and reconnecting. Tailing the logs doesn't provide much, just that "Login to the master failed, Retrying Login" followed 10ms later by "Logged into the master successfully" every 2 to 5 minutes.

Things I've tried:
I created a DMR-Hosts entry for the HBLink server, and selected that in the dropdown.
DMRGateway as Network 4 with BM enabled and TGRewrites, and not.

Equipment I have tried this with:
Hotspot - V4.1.4, Pi-Zero and ZumSpot hat.
Simplex node - V4.14, 3B+ and RepeaterBuilder STM32 full duplex board (running simplex)
Repeater - V4.1.4, 3B+ and ZumRadio full duplex board running as a repeater.

Curiously, I have an OpenSpot V1, with aged firmware, that maintains a rock solid connection to the same server using the same internet connection.

Looking for any suggestions on how to resolve, or what else I can check. Thanks and 73.
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