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Hubnet and wiresx mystery

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:18 pm
by G8WBO

Have a hotspot running Pistar 3.4.17 and talk to it with a DMR handheld. It has worked well for at least a year. Recently if activating either talk group 23526 ( hubnet) or 2351 ( wiresx) with a brief burst of RF the hotspot keeps repeatedly connecting to the server, even with the hand held switched off. Looking at the DMR Pheonix dashboard I could see may call repeatedly occupying the slot, clearing and then reoccupying it. The only way of stopping it seemed to be removing power from the hotspot. Other talk groups seemed to work normally.

Today I came to investigate the problem and it seems to have resolved itself. Having had a normal QSO on both talk groups . Any idea what may have been happening ?