Two Pi-Stars?

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Two Pi-Stars?

Post by NO8J »

I have a Zumspot setup in the shack at the QTH and recently picked up from Amazon a small MMDVM modem setup with a smaller Pi Zero W. What I'd like to do is leave the Zumspot at the home QTH and take the second Pi-Star otu to the campground where the RV is parked - about 20 miles from the home QTH.

My question is this - can I have two Pi-Stars logged into Brandmeister? Right now I shut down the home QTH system when w go camping, but in case I forget to shut it down, will it be a problem?

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Re: Two Pi-Stars?

Post by M1DNS »

You can keep both up at the same time by using an SSID added to ur ID When logging in.
using an SSID a BM server will see you as two seperate logins, both should show in ur selfcare acc. when changing ur 7digit id in pistar config making it a 9digit ID.

ur Std.ID 1234567
ID + SSID 1234567 plus 01

2nd install uses 1234567 plus 02
3rd install uses 1234567 plus 03
etc. etc.

*** if you run both together in the same location, make sure they are using differing freqs.
One receiving the other is going to create a loop. Feeding what it hears from the tg back into that Tg or from one tg crossing into another. You don't wanna be doing that.

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