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Post by k4ccp » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:53 pm

My new jumboSPOT came today and i cannot get it to initialize and allow me to go into settings. green light with red flashing lights on but thats it. been plugged in for 20 min now....


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Re: Help!!

Post by W1KMC » Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:51 pm

I would do this for you but the process would disconnect me from you. I have anwered this a few times (slightly different depending on post) but from scratch, I cannot find one to point you to, so here we go.

If you have a desktop or laptop this will be a bit easier:

search for a WiFi network called Pi-Star Setup (if you have EVER set a wifi network the word Setup will be GONE so use Pi-Star)
What you are doing is latching your JumboSpot to your computer (NO INTERENET, don't need it) the password for this is raspberry

Now once the comuter is linked to your JumboSpot - in a browser type <-- This is Pi-Star's internal IP so you can configure the rest.

You may get a screen that says no modem available (or similar) you need to tell the Pi-Star program what you have Jumbospots tend to be --
STM32-DVM / MMDVM _HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO) Select this and apply changes.

Now for Wifi -- you should now be able to scroll down to the WiFi Section and then click the Configure WiFi button, then Search for WiFi (100 Seconds)
When it finds your home/work/phone/whatever Wifi click the Select button next to it, it will ask you for the password. Type it in and click Save (and Connect) If I missed an OK or similar click that first. Problem is it will save but not necessarily connect so at the top of page click Admin->Power->Rebbot. At this point your Jumbospot will shut down and effectively shut down its AP (the WIFI Pi-Star Setup) and you should reconnect to your home network as should your Jumbospot. Wait two minutes and in a browser type http://pi-star/ your dashboard should come up.

If you get this far, great then we can get the other settings done together, if not my profile has 'hints' as to how to get in touch with me and I can walk through this with you.

Welcome to Pi-Star
I am no developer, guru, expert, nor do I claim to be or want to be. All advice I give is purely from experience and my efforts to help others.

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