DMTF functionality

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DMTF functionality

Post by KE2SJ » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:37 am

Hi - please do not flame me - this question was already deleted from the Facebook group. :? What pi-star functions can I perform using DTMF in D-star or DMR mode? I have a MD-380 running toolz so my pound key is a hotkey for alt menu so I don't have a pound DTMF. But I have seen references to being able to change D-star reflectors, DMR Gateway masters, etc. I am very confused. I am very sorry if this, like the Facebook group, is not the right forum to ask my question. Before deleting it, please point me to a forum where I can get my pi-star question answered. Many thanks to you!

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Re: DMTF functionality

Post by W1KMC » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:30 pm

OK, Changing DMR masters (on-the-fly) I have never heard you could do that (DTMF or otherwise from the radio -- YSF (Fusion rooms, yes) and as for D-Star -- I don't have one so I can offer no help there.

But the fact you have Toolz has no bearing either as when you use DTMF, you hold PTT first while dialing so the 'hotkeys can't be used. But I have a 380 (haven't tried this yet, but also an AnyTone 868 and I do not think you CAN send DTMF over a digital channel -- when I do it Analog I hear the tones -- I do not hear them in analog so again I do n ot think you can -- I'll have to work on that.

So the best way to see - is to try to change D-Star reflectors (again I have ho D-Star radio) according to instructions you were trying before but hold the PTT while doing it. DMR -- show ME instructions on changing masters like that. I think you are getting DMR masters confused with DMR Talkgroups, for this - yes you can and your # key is the key, but that is a different question altogether.

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