Strange problem NXDN TG9999

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Strange problem NXDN TG9999

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Hi all,

Don't know if this a pi-star or mmdvm problem but recently all of a sudden our repeater and my "hotspot" keep replying with "Not Linked" TG9999 as if we are transmitting TG9999 when we aren't.

We did use TG9 for "Local" and thought that might be the problem, but even after changing to TG1 for Local , for at least three of four transmissions from my Icom mobile and my Kenwood HT it still replies TG9999.

One of our users gets the reply every time he transmits.

The only time our repeater or my hotspot doesn't reply with TG9999 is when linked to a reflector , 31672 etc.

Any help appreciated.

Mike G1ZRN.
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